Naturally Better

Granite Countertops

The beauty and versatility of natural stone as a countertop makes it universally desirable. It has the reputation of being prestigious and high-end. Yet, few people are aware of just how economical it can be.Often designers and homeowners are surprised to discover that natural stone countertops are less costly than man-made imitations. Improved technology has made it comparable in cost to man-made alternatives. The economy of natural stone is only one consideration. It's beauty, durability, practically, and elegance is unmatched.

Not from a chemical mixing vat or a factory, stone is a unique product of nature. From deep within the earth comes molten magma, and from cooled magma comes granite. Granite is composed primarily of feldspar and quartz. The rich diversity of colors available are provided by impurities in the cooling magma. Therefore your choice in granite is truly unique. The intrinsic beauty and limitless variety of patterns and colors of natural stone offer unique opportunities for creative design.

Granite is one of the most popular choices with its durability, low maintenance, and unique beauty. A strong material that resists staining, it is scratch resistant and lustrous. Granite also has very low absorptions, does not harbor bacteria, and is virtually unmeltable. Man-made material melts at 212°F. Granite can withstand heat well over 1200 degrees. The moh's hardness scale places a stainless steel kitchen knife at 6, granites are a 9, and diamonds are a 10. Thus the knife cannot scratch the granite, and granite is cut wet with industrial diamond technology.

Think about coordinating kitchen islands, work areas, desks, fireplaces, bathroom vanities, bathtub surrounds, foyers and more with your newly selected granite. With nearly 50 years experience let us help you enhance the value and beauty of your home or project by providing a selection of the finest granite, marble, and other natural stones from around the world, at a surprisingly affordable price! From slab-to-finish, choose from over 350 granite samples, see and approve your slab before work begins, and then watch as we create your dream! Remember Stoneworks the next time you are looking for exceptional quality and service in the natural stone industry.

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